shivanaidu’s ehealth CEO, Mr. Shiva Naidu Kondati had began an initiative of proposing an shivanaidu’s ehealth ID for the healthcare sector in India with an aim to expand the healthcare domain by providing various benefits to the customers. 

The main objective of an shivanaidu’s ehealth ID is to keep a transparency in the healthcare system in India by cutting unnecessary healthcare costs of patients issued by the hospital management. shivanaidu’s ehealth offers an shivanaidu’s ehealth ID for all the Indian citizens at free of cost. This unique ID helps patients to keep a track of their healthcare records from the appointments of a doctor made to medicines prescribed by the doctor under a single system. These IDs are accessible to both rural and urban areas.

shivanaidu’s ehealth aims in networking both patients & doctors under a single umbrella. So, for this, an shivanaidu’s ehealth app is introduced for the users to make this process easier & accessible to everyone, specifically through the growing popularity of patient portals, which enable secure direct messaging between patient and doctor.

This shivanaidu’s ehealth ID will have a unique barcode linked to the Aadhar card and PAN card for authentication. Choosing an shivanaidu’s ehealth ID will help the patients to take care of their insurance also allowing them to find a hospital nearby matching the insurance. All the diagnostic records can be updated through the shivanaidu’s ehealth ID app enabling a patient to avoid repetitive  diagnostic test again & again, thus saving their money.

If we talk about the business side of healthcare, it has generated major headlines impacting  patients expenditure on drugs. So, in order to fight the inappropriate system leading huge unnecessary expenditures on drugs, shivanaidu’s ehealth Network Solutions is offering a Pharmacy Franchise models with an aim to provide the patients with a minimum discount on every single purchase of medicines so that shivanaidu’s ehealth create a patient satisfaction with no adverse effects on the quality of care. At the same time, shivanaidu’s ehealth ID is provided to all the customers made to an shivanaidu’s ehealth pharmacy. shivanaidu’s ehealth characterizes all classes of people under one roof benefiting patients. 

“Join us with your support so that we can make a better healthcare in India”

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